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Hampton Place
Hampton & Candlewood Subdivisions

Welcome to our Hampton Place HOA website.  This website’s mission is to act as a resource in helping neighbors help neighbors within our caring community.  This is what we’re about!  This is what we do!  We accomplish this by posting helpful information, mostly via our neighborhood 1) Facebook site: Hampton Candlewood Neighborhood Medford, OR, 2) this website.
We’ve already seen evidence of how sharing information within our suburb has been beneficial to our community in such ways as the following, and more:

1)    Helping to locate lost pets
2)    Alerts to neighborhood safety issues
3)    Event information
4)    A “walkers or joggers paradise”, on level ground
5)    Park access for children and adults alike
6)    Meeting announcements

Hampton Place has often been referred to as a “little bit of Mayberry”.  If you remember the Andy Griffith shows of yesteryear, you will know this to be true.  It’s that atmosphere of caring for our neighbors and protecting our community that makes our “Mayberry” a special place to live.  It’s a wonderful place to call home.

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